Hey all, Hunter here.

I'm the owner and founder of In 2012, we started off strong with dozens of active members. Today, our numbers are a fair bit lower. To combat this, I have redone the site to have complete social integration, website-to-server integration and donation perks have been completely redone. To add even more rewards to our greatly valued players, all items in the donation store are 35% off until September 4th 2017 and 20+ voting sites have been added.

Discord is still going to be used for comms. As it is easy to manage and seems to be growing more and more every day. 

At the time of our website switching, we have added the following features to our community:

  • Better donation perks that are completely EULA compliant, including our new donation shop with a one global rank, "Quartz".
  • Voting now awards you with random rewards. Every vote awards you a diamond and a fair amount of ingame money. The top voter each month is given a stack of diamonds, a nether star, 12 emeralds and a permanent "Quartz" rank. If the top voter of the month already has a global rank, they can choose a person to recieve the rank instead. If they do not respond to PMs for 3 days, the rank is distributed to a random user of the site that has been active on any of our game servers in the past week and has voted at least once in the past month.
  • Our TF2 trade server has been fixed (FastDL issue) and a new TF2 server has been added to our server lineup, " - Strange Lanes #1".



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